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Plombières-les-Bains (341 m - 576 m)

Pliny said “Aquae urbes condunt” – which means “Water built cities.” That is certainly true of Plombière-les-Bains. It is precisely because of the water that this charming southern town acquired fame and a rich history.


Les thermes Napoléon


Thermal baths were highly favored and appreciated by the ancient Romans, and this area served as one of the largest resorts of that type built during those times in Gaul.  It was in later times that Montaigne came to appreciate the benefits of the waters, as did Stanislas Leszcinsky (Duke of Lorraine) and Josephine de Beauharnais, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. It was Napoleon III who breathed new life into the resort. He made seven visits to Plombières himself, resulting in five reported cures. It is to the Emperor that Plombières owes its church, park, thermal baths and the great underground works created by the engineer, Jutier. The town’s historic monuments serve as reminders of this illustrious past. Known today as “The City of One Thousand Balconies,” Plombière-les-Bains is a picturesque place of incomparable charm, reflecting the ebb and flow of the seasons.



In winter, it is the spectacle of the traditional Christmas market (held the four weekends of Advent) that brings people to town.

Spring brings the custom of “Printalies” which is the giving of bouquets and favors associated with the blessing of the baths. In Ruaux,a nearby village there is also the fair of the piglets during the springtime.

In summer, street markets feature the theater of second-hand goods, music, painters and other attractions.

Autumn activities abound; hikes, games, conferences and programs are scheduled, not to mention the diversion of the casino and its 80 gambling machines.



Plombières-les-Bains is a beautiful and lively town, and a legitimate health resort. A visit to the thermal baths (March to November) enhances intestinal and rheumatic health, and provides a very pleasurable experience in general.

At any time of year, a visit to the authentic and historic surroundings of Calodaé, a health resort unique in France, freshens the mind and renews the body.